Romantic shortcuts to cloud nine.

 If it’s time for a couple’s weekend, then let your journey begin here. With the right romantic things in your luggage, you will be more than on your way when the plane takes off. 


Ahhh, plenty of time for each other and mutual pampering. Nothing beats a couple’s weekend that can breathe new life into the relationship. Start right here with five romantic shortcuts to the perfect couple’s time:

Let him seduce you: When women around the world are asked to list the sexiest fragrances for men, then Calvin Klein’s Eternity is always sure to appear. The combination of lavender, mandarin, coriander and musk is simply encapsulating.

Lips ready for intimacy: Dry and rough winter lips aren’t exactly attractive. Brush your lips with a soft toothbrush and go to bed with a thick layer of lip balm, which will work all night. You can also dab your lips with honey, which has a softening and anti-bacterial effect; it also taste great when you kiss.

Surprises: Your brain loves to be trained – just like your body. And surprises are great exercise for your brain, making the mind prone to open and positive thinking. Surprise each other with gifts, loving notes, massages or breakfast in bed.

Sensual eating: Our brain is ingeniously programmed to reward us with a sense of pleasure when we do something that is beneficial to our survival. Which is why eating chocolate, chili, red wine, oysters and honey feels so great, giving us increased pleasure and libido.  

Time for a massage: Create a relaxing atmosphere by placing scented candles around the room. Put a clean towel on the bed and put on some soothing music. Warm the oil between your hands, before you begin, start the massage with long, soft strokes. When the muscles are warm, you can apply some more pressure. 

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