Mr. Handsome

With just a few masculine tools, you can guarantee gorgeous skin – whether you are on the go or just kicking back and enjoying the summer.


With spring and summer hopefully comes sunshine. Much like the drop in temperature, the sun’s rays can also challenge your hair and skin. You facial skin is at the most risk, of becoming dry and tight or oily and unclean. Luckily it is simple to secure clear, attractive skin through the help of routines and masculine care.

The tiny difference: There is a remarkably small difference between male skin and female skin. Despite popular belief, male skin doesn’t have special needs – except of course shaving products.

Protect your skin. The skin reacts to all types of exposure, and the sun is one of the largest sinners. For every time you have been sunburned, your skin's barrier function to retain moisture becomes weakened. Therefore the primary concern is to quench your skin’s thirst with moisturizing lotion or creams. Therefore you should invest in a good facial cream that fits your skin type and moisturizes your skin daily.

Avoid the “farmer’s neck”. Men often have shorter hair than females and therefore their neck is much more exposed. For this reason, it’s a good idea to apply sunscreen generously to the back of the neck and where your scalp is exposed. Choose a lotion or gel if the cream feels greasy. It is advantageous to combine moisturizer and sunscreen by going for a day cream with SPF. Voila, to birds with one stone!

The easy solution. Heat combined with a high humidity, which for one arises when you work out and sweat, can cause your facial skin to protest and break out into blemishes due to an increased oil production. Wash yourself with facial cleanser that doesn’t leave the skin dry, and then apply a light moisturizing lotion.

A gentle shave. Shaving is tough on the skin. Make sure that you shave ALONG the grain of the hairs, and get rid of the alcohol-based aftershave. Instead one should use aftershave balm, which protects and moisturizes the skin.

Eat your way to”Super skin”. Your skin will let you know what you are getting too much and not enough of. The latter typically being water and healthy oils. Both need to be ingested in large quantities to keep dry skin at bay, therefore salmon, avocado and nuts are the way forward. 

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