Disznókő, Aszú, 5 puttonyos, Tokaj, sweet, white, 0.5L Doubleclick to zoom

Disznókő, Aszú, 5 puttonyos, Tokaj, sweet, white, 0.5L

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The extreme concentration and rich consistency of the aszú berry require a unique and complex vinification. Our guiding principle is always the pursuit of absolute purity of fruit, freshness and balance combined with the power and depth of the botrytised grapes.

Country of origin

Golden to deep amber depending on its age. When young, the nose bursts with intensity: fresh fruits (very often apricot) and citrus aromas. Over 10 years old, the wine gains even greater aromatic complexity filled with dried fruits, spicy and honey notes. A display of the vintage character in flavours. A beautiful balance between vivacious acidity and sweetness. The Disznóko Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos tastes fresh, long and is always superbly complex and focused. Amazing length, often with a spicy finish

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0.5 l
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