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Frederiksdal, Kirsbaervin, 0.5L

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In order to achieve that incredibly fruity kick, the sour cherries are wild-fermented for 2-4 days as soon as the harvest is in. The wine is then left to develop in steel tanks before directly being bottled a year later. This is the best method for preserving the sour cherries’ intense aroma and flavour. In our Frederiksdal wine, the Stevnsbær sour cherries pack quite a punch. Most of the cherries are harvested from our younger trees at Skælstrupmark which give them freshness and fruitiness, but some are harvested from our oldest trees at Nielstrupmark which give them body and additional intensity.

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Marrying sweetness, fruity full-bodiedness and clean crispness, Frederiksdal 2013 is a perfect pairing for classic hard sheep’s or cow’s milk cheeses and an interesting partner for robust meat dishes. It’s also a unique match for blue cheeses or hearty desserts made with plain chocolate or no-cook red and black berry jam, because the wine’s acidity cuts through the creaminess/sweetness. Frederiksdal 2013 benefits from a period of decanting before serving and, if stored in a cool place, can be left to stand for one week or two without the aroma or flavour being compromised.

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