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Pommery, Grand Cru, Vintage, brut, white (gift box) 0.75L

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It's only in those years when nature has most blessed the growing season that this fine cuvée is produced. The grape harvest of this particular vintage took place in an atmosphere of perfect peace and tranquillity. The vines were simply resplendent in all their glory, leaving our winegrowers thrilled – they knew that the juices soon to flow into our vats would be of outstanding quality. At harvest time we were already certain that this would be a fabulous year, likely to yield a superlative Millésime.

Country of origin

It is a lovely yellow in colour with attractive hints of green. Behind the first nose, which is quite fat, silky and almost creamy, emerge attractive floral notes of very slightly dried flowers. Next, the light and delicate scents of spices and bay leaf arrive, acting as a wonderful counterpoint and a final touch to this perfectly balanced wine. On the palate, it feels as if its plush softness is lulling you – everything is in harmony with itself, everything striking absolutely the right note, and delicacy reigns supreme.

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0.75 l
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