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Grant's Elementary Carbon 6yo 40% 1L, Giftbox

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The 6th element carbon, is found in the peat we use to smoke cereal and the charred oak casks we use to mature our whiskies. It is a critical element for creating smooth, smoky flavours in whisky. Blended from award winning Single Malts, Peated and Grain whiskies, Grant’s Elementary Carbon is matured exclusively in Charred Oak Casks. Carbon 6 Year Old has a deliciously sweet and smoky taste, the oak’s carbon char helping to smooth the flavours.

Country of origin

Great Britain
Matured exclusively in heavily charred oak casks for at least six years, Grant’s Elementary Carbon is deliciously smoky, sweet and smooth. On the palate there is a smooth and creamy oakiness that transforms into wood fire smoke and a rich sweetness.

Alcohol %



1 l
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