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Jägermeister Manifest 38% 1L GP

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Curt Mast created Jägermeister over 80 years ago. He boldly took a new path. Today the new generation of the Mast family are still committed to the extraordinary. So they have crafted something special based on the original 56 Jägermeister botanicals. Skilfully blended into five selected macerates, which are then refined with distillate matured in small, fresh oak barrels. The tradition of breaking with tradition is still going strong: Jägermeister Manifest.

Country of origin

Manifest is a full-bodied, robust blend of flavours. Slightly sweet notes of anise and dried fruit give way to subtle spice and aromatic bitters, finishing in a marriage of vanilla and barrel oak. Manifest can be enjoyed ideally at a room temperature, slightly chilled.

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