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Bombay Sapphire East 42% 1L

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Made by marrying two exotic botanicals of Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorns, through a unique vapour infusion process , with the 10 wordly botanicals found in the original Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Sapphire East creates a gin with an incomparable smoothness. Perfect mixed long over ice in a Bombay Sapphire East Gin Buck.

Country of origin

Great Britain
Bombay Sapphire® East takes the senses on a journey unlike any other. The Vietnamese black peppercorns impart a spicy heat to the gin’s alluring taste profile. Originally found on the coast of India, black peppercorns were once so valuable they were used as currency. Today, pepper continues to be the world’s most widely traded spice. These two new botanicals in Bombay Sapphire East awaken the palate and transport the senses to the Asian countries that inspired this exotic, modern gin.

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1 l
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