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Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin VSOP Twinpack 40% 2 x 1L

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A vibrant gold colour, Rémy Martin VSOP delivers a perfect harmony of mature, powerful aromas. Oaky notes of vanilla and the roundness of summer fruits await your discovery. On the palate, it has a texture as smooth as silk. Enjoy it neat, on ice, or with your favourite mixer.

Country of origin

Blend: Cognac Fine Champagne, 55% Grande Champagne, 45% Petite Champagne.
Colour: Vibrant gold.
Aromas and flavours: Fruity notes: the roundness of summer fruits, especially ripe apricots and peaches. Floral notes: the impertinence of wild flowers, particularly of violets. Oaky notes: predominantly vanilla, with a hint of liquorice.
Texture: Silky.
Finish: A perfectly balanced blend of ripeness.

Alcohol %



2 l
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