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Lysholm Linie Aquavit. 41.5% 0.04L

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Norwegian Linie Aquavit is famous for its unique voyage, a tradition which has played a significant
role in the maturation of Linie for more than 200 years. In 1780 Catharina Lysholm built the vessel
“Trondhiems Prøve” in collaboration with her brother, an important tradesman. In 1805 the ship left
for the East Indies, with a cargo of potato spirit and other types of merchandise. Five casks of the
spirit remained unsold and were sent back to Norway in 1807. On their return, it was discovered that
the flavour of this well-traveled aquavit had become more smooth and the taste enhanced by the
journey. Linie Aquavit was born. To this day, every bottle of Linie Aquavit carries details of its four
month sea voyage in sherry casks. On the back of the label you will find the date of departure, the
date it returned after crossing the equator twice, and the name of the ship.

Country of origin

Linie is a potato spirit flavoured with caraway and herbs. The combination of caraway/aniseed is prominent in the aroma. Old sherry notes give a rich, rounded flavour, with aniseed, caraway and oak giving complexity. Constant rolling and changing temperature and humidity during the ocean voyage, bring Linie to an unparalleled smoothness. Lysholm Linie’s dry style and subdued, neutral taste makes it ideal for accompanying smoked salmon, marinated fish and other dishes with mild flavours. Best served at room temperature.

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