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Sisley Phyto-Poudre Compacte N° 2 Irisée

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A unified, matified and luminous complexion, all day long. Moisturizing, emollient, protective and soothing, Phyto-Poudre Compacte envelops the skin with softness and sheer protection. With its supremely fine texture, the powder unifies the complexion with a sheer look, while its spherical beads, combined with Silica spheres, absorb excess sebum and provide maximum shine-control. Phyto-Poudre Compacte can be applied any time of the day to enhance the complexion and effectively fade small blemishes. Within a few minutes: the complexion is unified and enhanced, the skin is smoothed and matified, pores are minimized and visibly tightened, the make-up result is light, natural and translucent the finish is velvety-smooth and radiant, comfort is optimal, the skin’s natural hydration is preserved. Each compact is uniquely hand-decorated with a stencil.

Color description

No. 2 - Irisée
Apply by pressing on lightly with the puff, from the middle of the face outwards; don’t forget the neck. Can be used alone, for a transparent result, or over a foundation for a more sophisticated make-up result.

Series name

Phyto-Poudre Compacte aux


90 g
Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF15 200 ml
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Piz Buin

Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF15 200 ml 200 ml
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DKK 108.00
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