Coffee, tea and other good stuff

Coffee, tea and other good stuff

Segafredo offers coffee, tea and other hot drinks along with a selection of cold beverages, beer and wine. We also have a selection of sandwiches, chocolate, chewing gum and delicious snacks. Sit in our café or bring everything with you onboard*.

Please notice that it is not allowed to bring food onboard the aircraft when flying with the following airlines: Spies, Thomas Cook, Novair, JetTime and Air Greenland. 

  • Café
  • To go
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Breakfast

With locations close to the gates Segafredo provides the opportunity to buy something before your flight. We serve a variety of coffee depending on your need, tea, and a selection of cold beverages including soft drinks, beer and wine. In addition, you will find a assortment of sandwiches and snacks including Chocolate, chewing gum and chips.

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