Opening hours:

Mon-fri: 05.00-22.00 
Sunday: 05.00-22.00

Terminal 3 - past security


Delicious, easy, honest food

At RETREAT, we go to great lengths to make delicious, easy and honest food – with nothing but decent ingredients and love. We serve homemade food and coffee, juices, smoothies, cakes and snacks. Pop in for breakfast, lunch, a snack or a cup of coffee.

Food with care

We prepare simple food in our kitchen and serve it with a smile. We care about the environment and we use organic ingredients and recyclable packaging wherever we can. We take animal welfare seriously and we think about food waste – without being fanatical about it.

Natural ingredients

Most of our products are healthy, simply because we use natural ingredients without too much fat and salt. Our desserts are not all that healthy, buuuuut... go ahead and treat yourself to a dessert if you feel tempted!

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