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Peter Beier

Gold Collection 10 pcs.

DKK 119.00
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Gold Collection box with 10 assorted chocolates

Orange Heart
Rum-Caramel truffle
Coffee Caramel
Dark Chocolate Pyramid
Nougat Pyramid
Grand Marnier
Nougat truffle
French Coffee
Brandy truffle

Please note that the content may vary.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, veg. fat, cocoa powder, milk powder, almonds, hazelnuts, almonds, coffee, coffee beans, pistachios, pistachio paste, brandy(13% of the Brandy truffle), rum, Grand Marnier, orange oil, glucose, syrup, salt, vanilla, vanillin.
72,5% cocoa solids in dark chocolate
35,5% cocoa solids in milk chocolate
28% cocoa solids in white chocolate
Emulsifier: Sunflower/Soy lecithin
Storage: 16-20 degrees, 40-60% humidity

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