Complaints, refunds and confiscated goods

You have a two year warranty on all goods from the date of pick up. Defective goods and the receipt can be sent to this address:

Gebr. Heinemann Retail
Københavns Lufthavn
Terminal 2, 1.
2770 Kastrup, Denmark

Please don't hestiate to contact Gebr. Heinemann Retail:

Telephone: +45 32 31 46 20

Refund of confiscated goods
If the goods you bought at CPH Airport are confiscated in a foreign airport you can get your money refunded by Copenhagen Airports A/S.

All passengers can purchase goods in the Tax-Free stores at Copenhagen Airport, just as they could before the rules relating to restrictions on liquids in hand luggage came into force.

Perfumes, spirits and other products composed of liquids and fluids are supplied in a transparent, sealed bag. As a passenger, you must ensure that the bag remains sealed and unopened throughout the trip.

On a stopover?
If, on your journey to the destination airport, you have to make a stopover at another airport, and you are carrying a bag containing tax-free goods from Copenhagen Airport as hand luggage, the bag should remain sealed and unopened throughout the trip.

If you have complied with this rule but still have items purchased at Copenhagen Airport confiscated at the security check of another airport, Copenhagen Airport guarantees that you can have the cost of your purchases refunded.

So remember to ask for a receipt when you purchase your goods, and proof that they have been confiscated, as refunds cannot be made without this.

Written request for refund

If you have had your goods confiscated, you must submit your claim, proof of your loss and your bank account number and registration number in writing to Copenhagen Airport at the following address:

Copenhagen Airport A/S Compensation and Insurance,
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
DK-2770 Kastrup.

Please note that the guarantee is valid until further notice.

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