Cleanse your skin properly

It’s not that hard!

There are lots of benefits to cleaning your skin properly. Leftover makeup and contamination doesn’t just make your skin lackluster, but also affects the skin barrier and moisture level. The proper cleanser will give you a fresher look instantly – as well as other bonuses. 


Cloth, sponge or brush.

Dry and dead skin cells create a lackluster surface. Therefore they need to be washed away with a mild skrub. Whether you chose a cotton face cloth a konjac sponge or an electric cleansing brush from e.g. Clarisonic is up to you. The important thing is, that you are aware of whether your skin reacts best to gentle strokes or careful scrubbing.

Cleanse with oil.

If you are wearing makeup or sunscreen, it’s clever to use an oil based cleansing product. The oil will dissolve some ingredients such as silicone, which can be found in most makeup products and sunscreens. Origins are among the brands that reap international recognition for their cleansing oil. After applying the oil, cleanse with a regular cleansing product, which removes bacteria, surface oil and reaches deep into the pores of your skin. Massage the product in, thereby stimulating the blood flow and improving the glow of your skin.

Find your type.

There are many different types of cleansing products available. Here you will be provided rules of thumb that may help you pick the right product for you. Cleansing milk, -cream, -balm and –lotion can be used by all skin types, but are especially good for sensitive and dry skin. Cleansing gel can be used for oily skin. If you have difficulty establishing your skin type, then try Niveas test here. 

Should I avoid foam?

Cleansing products that foam can be extremely effective if your skin has a tendency to become oily, as they often have an oil and tallow regulating effect. Oily skin may also benefit from a deep cleansing clay mask

Morning or evening?

The most important time of the day to cleanse you face is in the evening. Here you need to remove the dirt, dust and sweat that has stuck to your skin throughout the day. It is optional to cleanse your face twice a day – unless you have acne, then it is necessary to cleanse twice a day. If you have unclear skin, then this guide from Clinique may come in handy.

For emergencies:

On holidays, busy days and after a long night it can be tempting to skip the cleansing. However not optimal, moist wipes are better than nothing in a pinch. Ole Henriksen provides such wipes adapted to suit any skin type. 

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