Whisky for real men!

We have seen it in films and on television countless times. When the cool guys are playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars at the poker table, they are often enjoying a fine whisky on the side. A glass of whisky radiates masculinity and confidence – man with a capital M!

Stepping into the world of whisky is a step into a dark and mysterious world. Her are a few good tips to give you a peek into the world of whisky.

Learning to drink whisky:

Whisky can be a special experience and challenge to your pallet. First, one needs to have a wide glass that you can sip from. The trick is not to pour too much or too little into the glass. Pouring about 2.5 cm into the glass should be an appropriate amount.

When the whisky has been poured, simply take in the scent without tasting, let the air permeate the whisky for a few minutes to bring out its aroma.

Take a proper sip from the glass, if not enough fluid enters your mouth you risk taking away a sub-par taste experience from the whisky.

Keep the whisky in your mouth for about 10 seconds and make sure that the fluid is evenly distributed around your mouth to ensure the optimal taste experience.

Swallow slowly, and sample the fragrance of the whisky again to bring out all the different nuances of flavor. If the whisky tastes too sharp, one can add a few drops of water. However do this with caution to avoid watering down the whisky too much. Completely avoid putting ice in your whisky.

Have patience. It takes time to learn to appreciate and drink a good whisky.

Classic brands:

Chivas Regal 
Chivas Regal is a blended Scotch whisky. The brand name stems from the Chivas brothers, who founded the distillery. The standard blend is aged for 12 years; however the brand also carries a Chivas aged for 18 years and one for 25 years named “Royal Salute”

Cragganmore, 12 years
Cragganmore is a single malt whisky from Scotland. The brand became especially famous after being marketed as one of the six classic Malts in 1988. The whisky has a mild and round flavor, which at first doesn’t strike you as a strong spirit. A good “starter whisky” with a lingering aftertaste.

The Clenlivet Archive, 21 years

The Clenlivet is a malt whisky produced in Scotland in one of the country’s oldest distilleries. The Clenlivet Distillery can trace its history back to 1824 and have produced whisky ever since, with the exception during WWII.

Highland Park, Vintage 1990
Highland Park 18 years is one of the most popular Scottish single malts, and has been for the past many years! Highland Park has received a myriad of awards through the years such as "Best Spirit in the World" in the spirit Journal in 2005 to name one. 

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