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Why oil is the next big thing


Rich in antioxidants, moisture and glow, oil possesses many properties. Use plenty through the winter and see how these golden drops can do wonders for your hair, skin, nails and lips.

For the face

Facial oil works as a protective and moisture retaining layer beneath your day cream. Start with a squirt of facial mist and then dab a few drops of oil on your cheeks, forehead and anywhere else you need a little extra moisture. The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil contains cold-pressed oil from black cumin, camellia seeds and rosehip seeds. The rosehip seed oil is especially useful with its skin rejuvenating contents of A- and C vitamins.


For the body

Dive into the body oils right after your shower, this will give you the best effect, as your skin will absorb the oil quickly and you will avoid that greasy feeling. Beauté Pacifique Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil doesn’t just make your skin visibly soft, but also contains protective resveratrol, which can boast being an antioxidant.


For the hair

Hair oils get the job done when your hair is working against you! Dry tips, dull locks and curls that frizz and immediately unravel. You can use oil no matter if your hair is wet, towel-dry or just during the day to control frizziness or static electricity. Morrocanoil Treatment has reached cult status globally, as the contents of argan oil and vitamins produce instantly visible results. Read more about argan oil here.


For the nails

If your nails are splitting, it’s a typical sign that they are lacking oil. Therefore the problem can be solved quickly by coating your nails and cuticles in oil. OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go contains oils from avocados, sunflowers, sesame and kuikui nut – available here in a travel-friendly tube with a no-drip consistency.


For the lips

The thin skin on your lips makes them even more exposed to the cold. Use a product that doesn’t contain water, try Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil which is addictively comfortable. Natural oils from hazelnut, jojoba and Mirabelle keep your lips soft and simultaneously gives them a long-lasting shine.


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