Goodbye jetlag

Cheat your way to recovery


After a long journey your skin can be challenged by time differences and climate changes. But with these tips in your luggage, you will get your skin back on track in a flash.

More than just water

In the average Danish home, the humidity is typically 30-60 percent. On a plane the humidity is only 10%. This means that your skin will lose moisture during your travel. With a moisture mist you can apply and retain that fresh moisture – and even better: You can pave the way for others and even more skin moisturizing products.

Rudolph Care Acai Antioxidant Facial Mist Travel Size 30 ml

Moisture drops with purpose

Now you move onto moisturizing your skin with purpose using a serum. Serum has higher water content than cream, and therefore has to ability to retain more active ingredients. Distribute a few drops of moisturizing serum on your face and dab it into your skin.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage Øjenpleje 15 ml

Wear a mask

Here’s a trick that many celebrities make use of: You place a moisturizing face mask on half-way through the flight. Cover your face, lean back in your seat and let your skin marinate in the great ingredients while you enjoy a nice film. After you can ask for a warm towel from staff, or remove your mask with a cleansing wipe.

Beauté Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask 100 ml

Se the world through new eyes

Tiredness often presents itself as dark gutters or swelling around your eyes. With a sleek eye roll-on in your hand luggage, you have a 3 in 1 shortcut to a fresher look. The cooling effect reduces swelling, as does the gentle roller-massage, aided by uplifting ingredients.

Cheat your way to freshness

If you need another freshness boost, then become allies with an eye concealer, which will brighten dark gutters and tighten up the skin around your eyes. If you apply the concealer by dabbing, you will reduce swelling.

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer Light Neutral 10 ml

Make your cheeks glow

Right before landing, give your cheeks a discreet stroke of blush. Preferably in a fresh rose nuance, which gives you the same color in your cheeks upon landing, as if you had just come back from a long stroll around the block. Remember that blush should be applied to the fullest part of your cheeks (the part that rises when you smile), and dragged outwards towards the temple.

Clinique Cheek Pop Rouge N° 01 Ginger Pop

If you want to avoid jetlag after landing, the App Jetlag Roooster, will get you into a new circadian rhythm.

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