Ready for a night out?

These tricks will get you noticed


We give you the tips and tricks for the perfect party look – and show you how to prepare in advance.

If you do some ground work the day before and know the small workarounds you will be ready for the party in (almost) no time:

The day before – lay out the groundwork: Do yourself the favor and use 15 minutes on laying the perfect foundation for your party look. It will be easier to do your makeup and it will have a more long lasting effect on a clean and humidified skin. The shortcut to this is to use a face mask and you can browse our selection here to find you perfect match – be it a humidifying, exfoliating or tightening mask, to get you ready for a night out.

The day before – do you nail polish. It is never a good idea to do your nails in the last seconds before you run out the door. Instead you should do it the day before and use some of the hip nuances of the season: dark red, purple, dark green, black and glitter or gold. Make sure to use a top coating to make sure the polish wont crack before the welcome drinks. 

Beautiful skin in an instance: A concealer is your best friend when it’s about having that beautiful and flawless skin. Choose one in the same nuance as your skin tone and use it on the dark circles around your eyes, at the nose wings or on the impurities. Finish by brushing your face with a mineral powder that matches your skin tone.

Cheeky cheeks: Pat you cheeks with a crème blush [cream blush?] and tone it outwards along the cheekbone to get that ‘I-just-came-in-from-the-cold-fresh-air’-look.

Eyes that sparkle like diamonds: Use a discrete golden eye shadow applied on the whole eyelid up to the crease (the indent right under the brow bone) and the draw along the beginning of your eyelashes with black liquid eyeliner. Consider adding that extra festive effect by continuing the line a bit further than the edge of your lashes and finish off with a small curve upwards. Lastly apply several layers of your favorite mascara.

Get ready for them kisses: Dap your lips with a warm, moist cotton wash cloth and apply some lip balm and let it sit for a few moments. Wipe the exes lip balm off before you apply your lipstick. Deep red, orange red or fuchsia are some of the ‘hit’ colors this season.

Year-round glow: When your outfit makes you show of some skin a good tip is to upgrade your skin tone with for example a shimmering body oil or body lotion to give your skin that warm glow.

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