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Presents that go the extra mile!


The best gifts are those you also want for yourself. Here we will let you in on the gifts that are in high demand – and maybe a gift idea for those you care about (including you!).

The new hyped creams from Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s opened as a pharmacy in 1851, but is today known for their effective products in simple packaging. The brand has been struck by Christmas fever this year, and has released several colorful special editions. Among others is the Holiday 2015 Hand Cream that contains three different hand creams. Alle three contain shea butter and E-vitamin, but come in three different scents; soothing lavender, rejuvenating grapefruit and balanced coriander.

The most beautiful eye-candy

The fantastic makeup set from Clarins is absolutely stunning. Besides from powder and blush, the set contains six fabulous eyeshadows, which allow you to create that natural everyday look, and cheeky smokey eyes. The icing on the cake is the exclusive candy colored lip gloss and the intense black mascara. All these items are sold together in a handy makeup bag.

Twinkle twinkle little star

Make Christmas eve sparkle and shine with the beautiful OPI Nail Sets Glitter + Glamour Travel Set. This set contains OPI’s genius Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat, which makes it possible to remove the nail varnish in one go with the included Cuticle pen. Nail varnish with gold sequins, silver dust or pink glitter will keep you glamorous throughout the winter.

Violet and wonderful – but only for those traveling

Marc Jacobs have introduced a new fragrance – a little sister to Dot from 2012 and Honey from 2013. The Name is Violet, and she is a lovely little one with plenty of kick. Apart from violets (of course) the complex fragrance components consist of vanilla, magnolia and green apples. This product is a Limited edition, only available in the airport.

More bang for your buck with Origins

Origins is definitely getting into the Christmas spirit, and offering a 75ml limited edition version of their GinZing Moisturizer, that’s 50% more content than usual! The extra content will grant the lucky buyer three extra weeks of skin-pampering bliss, with ginseng and coffee beans among other special ingredients.

A modern classic

Issey Miyake is in a generous Christmas mood, and has put together a special deal exclusive to travelers. L'Eau d'Issey Christmas Set is a star-studded gift box, where the 75ml edition of the icon fragrance is accompanied by a shower gel and after shave balm.

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