These terms of trade apply to your preorder of goods and your purchases in stores within Copenhagen airport via TAXFREE.dk and shop.cph.dk.

Preorder of tobacco products is only possible when travelling to countries outside of the EU.

Copenhagen Airports A/S (From now on referred to as Copenhagen Airports), is responsible for the operations of TAXFREE.dk and shop.cph.dk, while the preordered good/goods is/are picked up and paid for at the store/stores in the airport, which you have purchased your good/goods from.

Copenhagen airports make the e-commerce platform available to you, but are not middlemen. The agreement to purchase goods, which you have preordered in advance through TAXFREE.dk and shop.cph.dk, has therefore been made between you and the store/stores, which you have purchased your goods from and any complaints or claims should be aimed directly to these.

Contact information:

If you have any questions regarding the goods in connection with your online reservation or following the purchase of your goods, we ask that you aim your inquiry directly to the relevant store.

You can find all the stores contact information by searching for the stores name in the search bar on TAXFREE.dk or shop.cph.dk. The contact information of the large TAX FREE store run by Heinemann is the following: 

Gebr. Heinemann Retail
Københavns Lufthavn
Vestvej 6
DK-2770 Kastrup

Phone: 32 31 46 20 (Between the hours of 9:00 and 14:00)
E-mail: customerservice@heinemann-retail.dk

If you have any questions in connection with the use of the sites TAXFREE.dk and shop.cph.dk, we ask that you direct your questions to Copenhagen Airports:

Københavns Lufthavne A/S
Boks 74
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
2770 Kastrup

Phone: 32 31 32 31
Fax: 32 31 31 39
E-mail: customerservice@cph.dk


Product information:

Products on the site TAXFREE.dk and shop.cph.dk are described by type, brand and (if possible) quantity. Images of the products are created to be as realistic a depiction as possible, but for technical reasons it cannot be guaranteed that the image is a perfect depiction of the actual product.

Copenhagen Airports and the stores in Copenhagen Airports express reservations in terms of wording errors on the website, as well as price fluctuations and sold out goods.  


Copenhagen Airports must have your Preorder at the latest 9 hours prior to when you wish to pick up your goods.

Disclosure of your information:

Copenhagen airports disclose your reservation information including your name, address and contact information to the store/stores, which you have preordered goods at. This is solely for practical reasons in connection with your preorder.  


All prices are settled in Danish Kroner (DKK). Prices in other currencies displayed on the sites TAXFREE.dk and shop.cph.dk, are merely guiding. Copenhagen Airports express reservation in terms of price fluctuations and printing errors.

The goods are paid for when picked up.

Order conformation:

After preordering your goods (or following any change in your preorder) a preorder conformation email will be sent to the email address you have entered. The preorder conformation contains information on the preordered goods such as price, pickup point/points and date, as well as information regarding form of payment.

The price of the preordered goods will be stated in Danish kroner (DKK), as this is the currency you will be charged in when paying for your good/goods in the store/stores. 

Cancellation and return policy:

If you do not retrieve your goods, you will not be held liable for them.

All goods purchased in the shop after preordering them via the websites TAXFREE.dk or shop.cph.dk (except goods bought on special offer) carry a 30 day right to return policy, which is valid from the day you retrieve and pay for your good/goods at the store/stores in question. Returns can take place physically in the store in question in the airport, or by sending the good/goods to the store/stores in question (information on how to contact the stores can be found further above).  Following this process, your payment will be refunded

If you wish to use your right to return, you must always bring or enclose the following:

  1. The corresponding receipt for the good
  2. The good  must be whole and undamaged
  3. The good must be returned in its original packaging (e.g. seals and alike must be intact on perfumes)

You solely cover the shipment costs.


You have 2 years warranty on all goods beginning from the date of pickup and payment. For returns look above for information on how to contact the stores in question.

Danish Marketing Practices Act (Forbrugeraftaleloven):

Your preordervia the internet and your following purchase will be subject to regular Danish law, including the consolidation act no. 451on certain consumer contracts (door to door sales, remote sales and ongoing services) as of June 9th 2004.

More information of Copenhagen Airports:

Copenhagen Airports A/S is a Danish limited company with the VAT no.: 14 70 72 04. The address is:

Boks 74, Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, 2770 Kastrup, Danmark.

Read more on Copenhagen Airports A/S at www.cph.dk

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